The Whole Picture

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Getting Started

This is an easy process and begins with a phone call to the Bright Health and Wellness office. Our client care coordinator, Lisa will kindly and patiently guide you through the introductory process and determine, if we can truly help you, and which service best suits your current healthcare needs to help you achieve your desired outcome.

To make an appointment now to discuss your health concerns with Rachel Bright, ND:

Call the office at: (610) 500-4940 and/or email at:

Services Offered

Comprehensive Natural Health Wellness Exam 

Sick Visits (30-60 minute appointment)

Women’s Wellness Visit 

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET)

Probiotic Therapy Regeneration Program

Blood Sugar Balancing

Children’s Wellness Visit


100% Organic skin care and makeup products

Virtual appointments offered on a case-by-case basis