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Traveling Soon? Make your next travels healthier and happier 🙂 

By Rachel Bright, ND on March 13, 2019

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Many patients lately have asked, “what do you pack when you travel?” After many trips across the country and overseas, I’ve found items that make traveling a bit easier and allow me to feel my best even when away from home. Listed below are my top essential foods to pack, along with specific supplements and herbs to keep your immune system strong. Plus, a BONUS! My organic instant coffee recipe! Bon Voyage!

Non-Perishable Goods:

  • Amazing Grass – single packets– Insurance for being away from my blender. Just stir in to a water bottle and drink!
  • Justin’s Classic Almond Butter Packets– I like to eat this plain or on a banana, apple, stuffed into a date, or on top of Jilz Gluten Free Seed and Grain Crackers
  • Qi’as SuperFood Instant Oatmeal – Superfood made easy. Delicious bites of buckwheat groats, chia seeds and hemp seeds mixed with almonds and cranberries. SO YUMMY.
  • Quick Oats – I make pre-made ziploc packs of organic oatmeal (a mixture of rolled oats and quick oats). It’s the perfect breakfast when your options are limited.
  • Cinnamon – For the oatmeal.
  • Dates – I love snacking on dates, but these are also one of the ingredients I have to use in my oatmeal. I add one chopped date to oatmeal before I add hot water.
  • Raw Walnuts – Use in your own homemade trail mix or to top off oatmeal.
  • Raisins – Toppings for oatmeal and for trail mix.
  • Raw Almonds – For snacking or for trail mix.
  • Yogi Tea – Variety packs – My favorite tea company (along with Yogi Tea) and I always take my own organic tea wherever I go. Don’t forget the Smooth Move Tea (if constipated)
  • Smart Sweet Gummy Bears– My “gummy candy” of choice. It’s Non-GMO, Vegan and stevia sweetened!
  •  Garden of Life Protein Bar – My favorite organic protein bar at the moment, try any flavor! (Typically this is for adults).
  • Dang Keto Bars – great for kids and adults. High in nourishing fats!
  • Mary’s Gone Sticks & Twigs – Pure addiction. I’d rather eats these than any other salty chip on the market.
  • Go Raw – Coconut Cookies – Crunchy cookies that don’t crumble and contain no added or refined sugars.
  • Trail Mix – Pack Homemade trail mix – Carob or Lily’s Chocolate Chips, Almonds, Walnuts, pumpkin seeds, goji berries and Raisins can last forever in your suitcase and can be a real pick me up.

Less Perishable Goods:

  • Oranges – Juicy fruits are great hydrators for long plane trips.
  • Apples – Because they pack well.
  • Bananas – To combine with almond butter.
  • Siete Flour Tortillas – If I take these, I will pack a cooler to keep them fresh until I arrive at my destination. Find at Wegman’s, Whole Foods or online! I tend to find a local grocery store and make tortillas with hormone-free chicken or turkey deli slices, lettuce, avocado and tomatoes J
  • Pre-cut veggies – carrots, celery, peppers, zucchini, squash, peapods, etc. – Because I love veggies and I sometimes get bored on the plane and need to munch. Dip in hummus!

Supplements (your natural health care medicine cabinet)!

  1. Probiotic – this will help keep you regular and potentially avoid traveler’s stomach upset! Call our office and see which one will best be for you, if you don’t already take a probiotic!
  2. Activated charcoal – Let’s say you do come down with a stomach illness. This is your saving grace to slow down diarrhea! Dosing varies between adults and children. In extreme cases, seek an emergency room.
  3. NOW magnesium citrate capsules helps keep you calm during your airplane ride and keeps your bowels moving too.
  4. True Lemon Packets with powdered stevia packets. Great way to detoxify and enjoy a healthy lemonade! Helps with travel bloat too!
  5. Gastrex– prone to overindulging? This will stop heart burn in its tracks. Ask our office about this product – it is a standard process product.
  6. Bach Rescue Remedy drops : if you or your child is overly anxious about traveling, try 10 drops under the tongue or in a little bit of water – you can take this does up to 4 times a day.
  7. Kids Echinacea Buy a small 1 oz bottle. Adult Rapid Immune Boost Give the proper dosing to each child and adult as listed on the label for the first week of your trip. Always put herbs in a bit of water before taking. NOTE: if any allergy to the herbs, do not take them.
  8. Ginger Chewsthis is a must for any person who is prone to getting nauseous on the plane ride or needs some tummy comfort from a heavy meal.

Coffee lover? Here’s my favorite travel recipe! Always stick to organic, when possible


  • 1 teaspoon Anthony Organic Instant Coffee
  • 1 teaspoon coconut milk powder
  • 8 ounces hot filtered water
  • ***Add more coffee if you like it stronger, or add more coconut milk powder if you like it creamier – have fun experimenting to find the perfect combination for your preferences. ***


  1. Add instant coffee and powdered coconut milk to a coffee mug.
  2. Pour filtered hot water over the top and stir.